Wednesday, March 9, 2011

8th march 2011

the highlight of my day was... the Gelato from Harrods. It was difficult to choose which two flavors to take... i chose White Chocolate and Rose + Hazelnut... mmmmmmmm... mmmmmmm...

i felt guilty afterward of course, so i went for a jog, only 5 k but it was better than nothing.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

7th March 2011

I walked all around london today...

Last night's dinner... bread and cheese.

It has become a tradition that every time i come to London, i make this mix, Blueberries, Raspberries, and Blackberries.

I met my uncle and aunt today so i got them some japanese sweets, i also got me this little daifuku :D

Trafalgar Square

Can you see the rainbow?i liked this

Big Ben... Remember remember the 5th of november

London eye

I wish buildings in Kuwait are this colorful

if this guy plays cards with me, i'll always think he's cheating!

Monday, March 7, 2011

6th March 2011 - London

nothing exciting today. Shopping, walking around, eating bread and cheese again from the same store Whole Foods, which an amazing supermarket. I was jogging and decided to pass by it and buy me more bread and cheese and then continued running back home.

What else? hmmm nothing, other than i hate O2's internet e-go!

Apparently where i'm staying at has no hotspot so i have to go to the nearest starbucks or any other cafe to use the internet WITH the O2 USB e-go i bought! Doesn't make sense, why did i buy the e-go usb machine if i cannot use it without connecting to a wi-fi hotspot? Its retarted!

I wonder how i haven't seen these two monuments before. But i loved them.

What a beautiful statue, and very interesting message it gives out. "when you find a horse drinking water, or for whatever reason has its head down, get an axe, quick, and chop its head off" ?

"in the future, jelly-beans will rule the earth"

loool am i in london or in "souk al mubarakiya"

Foggy-groggy-smoggy-pretty london :D

So the other car asked this car "why haven't you shaved today?" lol

and last but definately not least. Kuwait Embassy, tomorrow i'll ask them to give me 1,000 KD :D

Sunday, March 6, 2011

5th March 2011

London is cold as well! But for some reason its more manageable than Germany.

I miss Kuwait's weather.

Did a lot of shopping :( hehehe spent a few moneys here and there. I bought an internet connected from O2 but for some reason i couldn't get it to work. I'll check tomorrow.

Ran 5k. I could have done more but i figured i was walking all day so i'll only run half my usual.

Oh and for dinner, i was heading towards McDonalds, but i entered a supermarket and decided to eat healthy. Bread, Cheese, and fruits :)

Its coooooooold!


hahah i dont know why but i loved this campaign

Honestly, its strange, this duck was looking upwards for no reason, it was seriously lost in contemplation. I was looking at that direction to see what the duck was focusing its attention on. But nothing.. just sky.

45 pounds! :( lol i dont know how much that would cost in Japan.

4th March 2011

30 minutes before my train departed from Hannover to Frankfurt, a strike happened! I could hear the announcement in the station. "Train S77 to Frankfurt will be delayed 30 minutes due to strike" then 5 minutes after it became 100 min!

i don't know how, but one more train arrived, it wasn't my train but it passed Frankfurt and i hopped on it else i'll lose my chance to reach Frankfurt and miss my flight to London.

Thank God it went well.

anyway, on the way, i was surprised at how many houses in Germany as adopting Solar Panels.

Friday, March 4, 2011

3rd March 2011 - Cebit

Again, woke up, breakfast, cebit... etc etc.

COLD! etc etc.

Enjoy the pictures.

I tried 3 out of the 5 jams today, tomorrow i'll try the rest.

Frost from last night

This is BIG! WIRELESS POWER!!! Fujistu displayed a wireless monitor that isn't even connected to a power plug. How is it working? wireless power... the future is closer than we might think.

Panasonic's 3D technology showcased

Decorative aluminum/steel bars that have LED lights come out from behind.

Another color, another mood.

The Ford Focus replaced the TV/Monitor thingie and replaced it with an ipad machine. I think this will be more popular with other car makers as well. imagine, the customization possibilities!!!

Geeks playing World Of Warcraft

More MSi Windpads

a transparent TV from Samsung. Beautiful, the tv looks like a normal tv but is actually transparent once the tv is off.

Simply Amazing! that will be the future, transparent windows that can be tv screens... i hate to admit it, but day after day, the "future" that we saw in movies in the 80's and 90's is actually coming true.

ASUS's "Audio" centric laptop

Asus's ipad like product, it can be detached from the keyboard

I didnt notice before but apparently ASUS Lambo laptop has a back side that DOES look like a lambo!

Nintendo's 3DS was there as well... I saw it but didn't have a chance to test it due to these teenagers

The Sony Ericsson Play, i was amazed, actually, blown away at the graphics capabilities of the phone, and i found it to be lots of fun

i played with the Sony Ericsson's Arc. I believe it has Android 2.2. It was light, beautiful, responsive.

a company from Turkey used ipads to make a video wall. Beautiful

at Fujitsu's booth, as a sign of insanity, staff and partners cut their ties in half

lol i wonder if he knew that would happen today and wore a cheap tie for that reason

Thursday, March 3, 2011

2nd March 2011 - Cebit

i don't know how i woke up after only 4 hours of sleep, but i did.

so i'll skip the boring stuff and directly go to Cebit.

But i repeat what i said yesterday, it was FREEZING.

lots of cool products (see pics below)

We entered the Intel hall first, and there were a couple of interesting things, the most interesting of course, and the high point of my day, was the scoring a goal game. People line up and shoot at the goal, but the goal keeper senses their movement and automatically tries to block the ball. We saw maybe 8 guys before me play and none of them scored... and of course, yours trully, was the exception.

Cebit was huge, we didn't finish half of it and we stayed till 6 pm almost.

after that, back to hotel, then to Old Town and dinner.

enjoy the pictures and the products

Intel's hall.

One of the people in front of me. Trying to score a goal, but it was impossible... well nearly impossible ;)



This Razor product is cool. Depending on your game, the bottom part (the keyboard) changes keys to accommodate the "game-specific" shortcut keys

Interesting Gaming Tournament. The crowds packed the place, o' the excitement :/

No IT expo is complete without some kind of racing cars right?

The HOT THING in this year's Cebit is CLOUD.

Afa! now i know where Zain took logo from

the famous Watson that was on jeopardy last month. the first respectable attempt at artificial intelligence.

This machine is cool, it scans by photography any book you place on it, and it automatically flips the pages, without ruining the book!

the infamous SAP apple

I've been looking for this product for a long time. keyboard sleeve for the ipad

whats with the apples ? and doesn't this robot look like Wall-e?

Yes, the ultimate lazy blogger chair

bloggers' lounge, some of them hated the fact i'm photographing them, what irony!

Yep, next time i shop at the TSC i'll use this for apples.

A new model from MSi FX series... very stylish and has a leather pattern finish

MSi are really pulling all the stops in terms of style. The start button is like a ignition button in a car.

The silver finish is nicer i think

a concept from MSi. A Pad with a built in projector that can also project a keyboard on the surface below

The duel windpad from MSi, together they can replace the need for the Razor product above.

A concept MSi Pad cradle docking

The MSi Wind Windows 7 addition. Not bad at all... but i am especially drooling over the next picture

The MSi Wind. i loved this device! This tablet is the bomb! Android Honeycomb 3.0 and Nvidia Tegra 2, HDMI and USB outputs and much much more!

If you don't like the iRobot, then you have a choice from MSi soon.

That robot was sooo realistic it was scary! the eyes are actually a screen visual.

Yeppp! I had a gillatte (sp) almost froze to death as a result :/

Hannover Old Town

Veggie pizza... not bad... but...

the pizza slice wasn't enough, so mcDonalds it was :D, thats a fish fillet and a veggie burger.